Hiroshima Peace Memorial

This journey was originally taken in February of 2017. It was part of a trip to Taiwan, Japan and Korea. In Japan, I spent 5 days in Greater Tokyo and 5 days in Kansai with some moments outside those regions perhaps. This section is about super impromptu trip to Hiroshima.   “Planning.” So this was... Continue Reading →

Tsukiji Fish Market

[Originally written February 2017] So eons ago, when I was on study abroad in Beijing, I wanted to go to Japan, but never did. Then when finally settling on moving to China after graduation, I wanted to go to Japan, but again never did. And so upon deciding to stay in China a second time,... Continue Reading →

Heated Toilets at Osaka Castle

Japan is renowned for various things: cuisine, transportation, cleanliness, history, politeness and so on and so forth. But by far the most underrated aspect of Japanese culture is its love affair with over-the-top toilet seats. My understanding of this culminated in one of the more revered places of Japanese yore: Osaka Castle. So let me... Continue Reading →

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