Identity Abroad through Pop Music

I never really listened to pop music much in the US. I was the weird kid in 2nd grade when the teacher asked who their favorite band was, I said the Beatles, while everyone else listened to Britney and NSYNC. In middle school, people had Green Day and Eminem pumping on their ten-pound iPod bricks.... Continue Reading →

Muay Thai

I saw this briefly on one of those things you’re supposed to do in Thailand but it was number 10 or 15 on the list, so it wasn’t necessarily a high priority. When I landed in Chiang Mai, the airport had a massive ad saying the local university had a Muay Thai competition lasting from... Continue Reading →

Sports in Mexico City

Some Yanks certainly play up the participation abroad of American football – henceforth known as simply “football.” During the NFL game at Estadio Azteca last fall, the announcers claimed that there were some 2 million places active players of football, whil Nate Silver apparently chalks the fanbase at about 1.5 million; however, active players and... Continue Reading →

Singapore: An Unexpected Conversation

Some of the most interesting moments while traveling come under the most mundane of circumstances. This is why I commit to travel in a fiercely nonstop manner: check into the hostel, bag down and hit the streets. I call it bag-down travel. Even when traveling alone, or perhaps even more so, the most poignant moments... Continue Reading →

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