Demolishing History

One chicken at a time, that is. I’ve commented many a time that China’s development comes at the expense of tradition, 5000 years of which seems to mean nothing as traditional villages are knocked down in place of fancy new malls. Near my apartment last year was a gated village and inside was this sign-less... Continue Reading →

Is Taobao Trustworthy?

Yes! Yes! Yes! (mostly.) For the uninitiated, Taobao is basically an everything-in-one online shop. It’s Amazon and eBay in one, allowing used and new products to be sold, both customer-to-customer and business-to-customer. The parent group, Alibaba, also runs AliPay, a Chinese version of Venmo. So basically they have a lot of markets covered, and run... Continue Reading →

Chinese Recycling

When I was doing study abroad at Renmin University in Beijing, we once had a lecture on recycling in China. Because wages are ostensibly not what they are in the US or Europe, the incentive to make money on smaller margins exists. (I.e. selling paper goods, metals, plastics, etc.) As a result, in some ways... Continue Reading →

Fog + Smog

In Southern China, humidity usually hovers around 100%. And it’s raining. And it’s smoggy. Which means at night time there’s all sorts of cool effects. But in the mornings, you often miss the sunrise. If it’s somewhat cold, which it sometimes is even in Southern China's winters, a little bit of heat produces heavy fog.... Continue Reading →

Blood + Chicken

Blood or no blood? That is the question. Whether ‘tis smarter on the bowels to suffer the slings and bacteria of outrageous blood. Oh my! While my iambic pentameter may not match that of the Bard himself, I consumed as crude a dish as he ever had. The buddy I play soccer with had taken... Continue Reading →

3 Tricks with Chopsticks!

So I was watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain because I want to be him, obviously, and he mentioned something that I used to hold near and dear, but then just let go. And that’s proper chopstick etiquette. When people first learn to use them, you’re kinda just told to get the food however you... Continue Reading →

Oddities of Chinese Buses

So I’m waiting at the station for my bus to depart and I see the driver filling up the tank. Smoking a cigarette. Terrified, as scenes of Zoolander race before me. And that’s when I realize that, indeed, all the buses in the city of Zhuhai are electric, not gas, which makes me wonder: Is... Continue Reading →

The Marvel that is Chinese Trains

Ah, the joys of connectivity. Many articles have been written that the Chinese government is spending exorbitant amounts of money on its high speed train system. And, well, maybe they’re right. But one thing about their trains is they are remarkably liberating. They are fast, mostly clean, punctual and reach most major cities. So if... Continue Reading →

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