Saudades for Beijing

One thing I love about language is each one has its own system that in some ways is only understood from a lens of the culture from which it was made. English is awesome because it accepts words so easily from other languages and is often quite malleable despite its often ridiculous grammar. Language is... Continue Reading →

Plumes of Black Smoke

Smog is bad, yes? We can all agree on that? Good. Some smog is egregious, as in New Delhi where you can feel particulate pollution down the ole windpipe. That’s not good. There’s also Beijing, where finding a good restaurant is more dependent on echolocation than Google Maps. Then there’s smog in the US, which... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Places to See in China

This is my Top 5 List of Things to See in China if You Can’t Go Anywhere Else. There’s pithier ways to describe this list, but I elected for this. I tried to choose 5 places that were distinct enough to create a cohesive list. If you want to truly understand China, then you should... Continue Reading →

Hiking Volcán Maderas on Ometepe Island

There comes a moment in every burgeoning mountaineer’s career when they realize there’s always a bigger challenge. There’s always a bigger, taller, harder mountain, but at the top, the reward is almost always worth it. I am a reasonably fit person, but by no means in shape enough to conquer Everest. I run several times... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shop Chatter

Casablanca is a revered movie in countless regards. It’s an entirely accessible movie to younger generations while still remaining a time piece unto itself. That alone is deserving of merit. Beyond cinematic achievements, sterling acting and remarkable screen writing, there is one element that elicits a heavily romanticized motif for me: that of the coffee... Continue Reading →

First Visit to Macau

Given the opportunity to visit a city nearby, if even for a day or two, I'm always in. On my days off, I took the opportunity to see the former colony, and as a Portuguese-American, I find it very much impactful. I live equidistant from Hong Kong and Macau essentially and it’s only about a... Continue Reading →

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