Language. There is no more powerful tool. Cliché. There is no more annoying tool.

The reason I’m typing this right now and not throwing poop at my friends or laughing hysterically at a stupid joke is because our species developed the cognitive ability to express deep thoughts with language rather than gesture, the skill to hurl insults at one another rather than fecal matter. I believe our purpose on earth is to leave behind stories so that we can be remembered. Once we’re gone, all we can do is be remembered. One of my favorite lines is written on a mausoleum near my favorite place in my hometown of Springfield, Mass.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Until they figure out how to immortalize us, we are forever and always going to be a mere blip in a textbook. Whether we can be several chapters like George Washington, a few sentences like George Washington Carver, or merely encapsulated in a generic catchall such as, “21st century center-left Americans” is up to us. The best thing we can do is create stories with our friends, and for me the best thing to do is immortalize them in writing. Since I have neither stone nor chisel, this is the next best means.

I have many interests I would love to start blogging about, some of which I already have. I could put in all my soccer ideas, travel journals, pictures about food or stupid posts about video games. And most likely I will, but for the sake of keeping a focus this will primarily be concerned on my travels both far and wide. I wish I had started this sooner as there are more than a few journeys I would like to share. I still have this backlog and will probably throw it all in there.

I simply aim to share my ideas and thoughts about different places in my own style, and hopefully in some way enlighten someone on something. As I have set out on the vaguest of endeavors, I will most likely succeed. However, we all have our own thoughts and sets of experiences so I figured why not add all my thoughts to the stew. I’m sure they’re worth something. Everybody enters a new city, a new experience a new opportunity with a vastly different viewpoint and purpose, and thus a remarkably similar and banal experience could move two people in very different ways. I proffer but one more different way.

Many people start blogs about something, or about someone, or generally have some purpose in mind. Why am I doing this? Is it to keep in touch with a wide range of audiences in a convenient manner? Nah. Is it to maintain a modicum of anonymity while recounting either heinous tales or banal minutiae? No. Is it because I’m a narcissist? You bet it is. In a shameless quest succeed Anthony Bourdain as world’s best travel host, I have started this blog. As a result I must learn to do the two things he does best: producing world-renowned food and being a self-proclaimed dickhead. Fortunately for me, I can already do one of those. I just need to learn to cook. So, I present my blog about Mikey Choquette, called Mikey Choquette. Enjoy?

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