Chinese Sashimi!

So one of our students happens to own a factory, for which I’ve already shown you a few pictures (down below.) Recently, he suggested that we should get some sashimi from a place in Shunde, the district of Foshan that is famous for it’s fresh (sea)food. Never one to shy away from some new food, I gladly accepted.

There’s a saying here in Foshan. 吃在广东厨出凤城. “If you eat in Guangdong Province, all the chefs go to Fengcheng/Shunde.” They are closer to the water than my district, so it tends to be fresher. In addition, Shunde is the richest district in the city, though you wouldn’t necessarily know it. The development, the malls, the subway are all away from this area, but as one local described it, “you won’t see people going to the store in slippers here.” There’s a little more finesse and class, I’m told. In short, it’s got much better food than the districts I live and work in.

I didn’t know there was a Chinese version of sashimi (you know, sashimi being Japanese and all…) but I guess Chinese sashimi is from Guangdong province and is similar ish. We had grass carp (apparently a river fish found in the area) and you have all these little pieces of raw fish. Tiny, tiny pieces. There’s a massive lazy Susan in the middle, with maybe 80 different types of salt. Seriously, you try and count them all.


Himalayan salt. Madagascar. Pakistan. American. Australia. Italian. They even had Morton’s salt because why not. More kinds of salt than I knew existed. So you grab some ingredients, perhaps ginger or garlic or something, get some peanut oil out, and mix it all together. Then you put some salts on the plate and dab it and enjoy. As I’m told do NOT mix salts, because: tradition?

Side note: I’m also told you must drink baijiu (strong Chinese alcohol) with sashimi, otherwise you’re doing it wrong. Customs say that the raw fish has microorganisms in it that need to be killed by the 100 proof booze, otherwise worms will eternally reside in your intestines. I doubt the legitimacy of both claims, but whatever. In short, if you ever find yourself in Guangdong province, Shunde district, go get some sashimi. It’s well worth it.


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