The Marvel that is Chinese Trains

Ah, the joys of connectivity.

Many articles have been written that the Chinese government is spending exorbitant amounts of money on its high speed train system. And, well, maybe they’re right. But one thing about their trains is they are remarkably liberating. They are fast, mostly clean, punctual and reach most major cities. So if you wanna catch a game at night time in Guangzhou, you can easily get across the province and back to work by the evening and/or next day.

I love thinking about infrastructure (cause I’m cool?) and while China may lag in some departments (*ahem* internet *ahem*) they certainly do others very well. Maybe the US doesn’t have the population or potential ridership to justify a multibillionaire dollar effort to create trans-American high speed rail, but maybe it could certainly prove beneficial in local markets. (Florida is in the process of building theirs now. California perhaps may…)

Imagine being able to live in Springfield, MA  and be able to get to Boston in 45 minutes, or live in Worcester and get there in 20 minutes. That would certainly change congestion and pollution among other issues. Or maybe it’s a waste of money. What do I know….

Let me know if you think high speed trains are easy, liberating or just the opposite!


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