About Me

My name is Mikey Choquette. I like travel. And food. And soccer. And video games. And history. And literature. And politics. And art. And music. And astronomy. And math. And a whole lot of other things. I like to read a lot, talk a lot, and research extensively most things I do before I do them.

There’s just about nothing I won’t try or give due diligence to before considering. I take things on their own merit before I give them my spin (as much as is humanly possible). I’ve been to a few dozen countries, and I might be a percent of a percent from understand this vast planet of ours to any degree.

I majored in East Asian Languages and Civilizations, yet had a background in economics, mathematics and statistics, so I approach things with both sides of my brain. I’m well-versed in East Asia, but love all places big or small. I view things from many lens: historical, culinary, sporting, social, etc.

I grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, a small New England city once famed for its armory and as the birthplace of basketball. Like many industrial places in the Northeast, it’s not quite what it once was; however it was, is and will always be my home.

My grandparents both came from Portugal to the US on a boat, on either side of World War 2. At a young age, I developed the desire to travel, to see what they had. Thus, this blog and my intense wanderlust.

I generally approach travel with an open mind. I want to talk to as many locals as I can, travel to as many back alleys as possible, say no to as few foods as my bowels will allow, leave no experience unturned.

Ballet tickets excite me as much as first-tier sporting matches. Exploring the reasons behind a rural dog-eating festival piques my interest as much as morning strolls down the docks of the largest ports in the world. Checking out the jam-packed arcades as much as sitting in on folk music in a faraway museum. Hiking strange landscapes as much as skiing them.

If it’s unique to a place, I’m in.

I let the cities, the places, the world take me where they may. Fortunately it’s a gorgeous world we have. I think everyone has something unique to say; I listen. Every cross section of every culture is worthwhile.

This is the view that shapes my writing.


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    1. Just did! By the way, I like the map you have where you can click where you’ve been. Is there anyway you can share how you did that? I’d been trying to do something like that, but at the moment I just have the menus.

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