Impromptu Macau Visit

One of the joys of living in Zhuhai is that you are within an hour of Macau at anytime. For some people that means they can easily blow money away at the Grand Lisboa, among other casinos. For others, it might mean a gateway out of mainland to go shopping. And for others (that’s me!) it’s an easy outlet to get some Portuguese food, to help any lingering homesickness. It tastes almost like my grandma’s. Almost.

However, my buddy wanted to buy the new Nintendo Switch, and while we could’ve bought it on Taobao, that’s super sketchy so we decided we would just go get it in person. So we took a day trip down to grab some Portuguese grub, get the Switch and the girls went shopping, obviously. I’ve been to Macau now five or six times, never gambled or stayed at a resort and I absolutely love that city. It’s a blast to just walk around, grab some food and enjoy the spirit of it.

The place we went to, O Santos, was authentic as you can get in Asia, and definitely satisfies any Portuguese gripped with saudades in a strange place. Grilled sardines, baked codfish, caldo verde soup, chouriço sausage, Portuguese rolls, and so on. It was a feast and a half. Both Macau and O Santos get two thumbs up!
Let me know what you think of Macau in the comments below!


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