You Are What You Eat

We went to a local seafood restaurant, in a little strip of four or five seafood joints in the middle of absolutely nowhere in Zhongshan (the city surrounding mine.) First up: Chinese food in the US usually doesn’t include fish and seafood, but it’s absolutely delightful. We just go into the kitchen, pick out the crabs, the mantis shrimp and the scallops we want, and ten minutes later – voila! – there it is on our plates.

Second: they had these fishing boats powered by only the cleanest energy, evidenced by the near transparent thick plume of pitch black smoke. Probably a slim chance any oil leaked out into the water, too. Also, as I went to wash my hands, I realized that there wasn’t so much plumbing, as it was a pipe into the water. So you wash your hands and the soaps and oils go straight into the sea. You literally watch the water leave your hand and head down the little slope into the sea. I can only imagine where the excrement went from the restaurant, but I have a good guess. So, basically I’m glad I only had these thoughts after we were done eating. It’s off-putting watching your food being contaminated and caught as you’re eating it.

Let me know what you think of eating seafood in China in the comments below!


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