Identity Abroad through Pop Music

I never really listened to pop music much in the US. I was the weird kid in 2nd grade when the teacher asked who their favorite band was, I said the Beatles, while everyone else listened to Britney and NSYNC. In middle school, people had Green Day and Eminem pumping on their ten-pound iPod bricks.... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy among Expats in China

There is a theme of expats in any country, the variety who respect their host country not for what it is extraneous to their being, but for how it does or doesn’t serve their whims. For some, countries cannot simply exist on their own, but are servile to their desires. Edward Said discusses this subjectivity... Continue Reading →

Chinese Soft Power

When I was younger, Japanese video games, trading card games and manga were all the rage. Teachers fumed as their students neglected active games during recess in order to trade cards with images of cleverly designed creatures, such as a mole, three moles together, a magnet and three magnets together. Quickly, teachers banned this “Pokey-man”... Continue Reading →

Chinese Barbecue

Every country has a form of barbecue. A video produced by PBS’ It’s Okay to Be Smart even argues that cooking food was as socially important as it was calorically in terms of evolution. While they stress the scientific concerns, as a student of humanities, I cannot possibly downplay the social elements of cooking. Their argument... Continue Reading →

6 Ways Teaching Abroad will Change Your Life

[Note: This article was first published on on April 10, 2018.] So you're considering quitting your job and teaching English abroad. Who isn't? But is it worthwhile, fulfilling, career advancing? While there are countless reasons you should play it safe and stay in your office job and home country, there are also countless ways... Continue Reading →

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