Dragon Boat Festival

China has several major holidays, virtually none of which we celebrate in the West. The Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) is increasingly recognized more in the US by non-Chinese, but still barely perceptibly. Other holidays include Qing Ming Festival (which reveres the dead), Mid-Autumn Festival (which reveres the moon), May Day (international labor day... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese-Chinese Passport Issue

I went to Vietnam in the summer of 2016. If we flash back to two years ago, we would see that relations between Vietnam and China at that time were at least a little tense. It all centered on the South China Sea, a flashpoint in the headlines nightly in China, and subject to the... Continue Reading →

Bag-Down Travel

There are many ways to travel. You can backpack across a land, hopping from interesting, semi-convenient spot to the next. You could pack a huge suitcase and treat one city as a hub and bounce from place to place. You might book a trip through a tour guide. You might take family to a domestic... Continue Reading →

Saudades for Beijing

One thing I love about language is each one has its own system that in some ways is only understood from a lens of the culture from which it was made. English is awesome because it accepts words so easily from other languages and is often quite malleable despite its often ridiculous grammar. Language is... Continue Reading →

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