The Idea of India

10) The Idea of India Itself Admittedly, a lot of this section will be based on a book by Sunil Khilnani of the same name, but as always, this will be laced with my own observations, as well. I’ll stay somewhat brief, as you could probably just read his book if you wanted. (You do.)... Continue Reading →

India – Miscellaneous

9) Miscellaneous  And now we get to the part where I rattle off a hodgepodge of memories that I didn't think neatly fit into other categories. I’ll run them off in a seemingly unordered, hopefully enjoyable order. Rain: We went to India during the monsoon season, which probably seems crazy, and it was. To be... Continue Reading →

India – Double Takes

8) Double Takes I figured this deserved a section unto its own. Perhaps for those who have been to India this won’t be so shocking, but those who haven’t it’s a bit jarring to see cows and oxen in the road. Everywhere. And by everywhere I mean countryside, roadside, tuk-tuk-side. Our first drive from the... Continue Reading →

India – The Touristy Stuff

7) The Touristy Stuff This section will be brief as possible; it’s a collection of the touristy places we went. As one could easily do this with a Google search, I will mark anything noteworthy. I will say this: there’s no way one should ever try to completely book a trip in India to the... Continue Reading →

India – The Politics

6) Politics in India  Admittedly, my sense of politics in India was extremely limited before I went. (And certainly after, as well.) I paid attention to major developments in the country and that was about it. In fact, the only particulars I knew about in the political sphere came from The Daily Show. There was... Continue Reading →

India – The People

5) The People  One of the more colorful aspects of any country is the people themselves, and in a country as particularly diverse as India, it’s kaleidoscopic. Sometimes those colors are soothing, sometimes jarring and at others entirely displeasing. Let’s delve into some of the more interesting trends and behaviors I encountered. The most notable... Continue Reading →

Comparing China and India

4) Comparing China and India Before I left for India, a lot of Chinese told me there’s a phrase: “at least it’s not India.” This is used if you see something bad in China (trash, corruption, smells) and you want to say that it’s not really that bad. Well, at least it’s not India. And... Continue Reading →

India – The Economy

3) The Economy This section isn’t supposed to be a technical, but an anecdotal understanding of the economy as I experienced it through NPR podcasts, news articles, books and interacting with locals – both Clemente’s folks and anyone we encountered. The first thing that struck me about the development in the country was absolutely unavoidable,... Continue Reading →

India – Food and Drink

2) The Food and Drink In short: both interesting and delicious. In long: I’m no good at writing about or taking pictures of food porn. So I guess if you’re interested in descriptions of fiery curries and succulent chunks of mutton with sprinkled cilantro, you can find a professional cook book. I’m going to discuss... Continue Reading →

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