Plastic Surgery in Korea

“How about that one?” – me “Yep.” – Korean friend “And that one?” – me “Of course. You can’t tell?” – friend “Well, yeah I think it’s pretty obvious. But maybe they’re all just really pretty right?” – me “Well, I think Korean girls are pretty. But those ones all definitely have had plastic surgery.”... Continue Reading →

The (Soft) Power of K-Pop

Quick thoughts on soft power. It is ridiculously important if a country wants to have positive sway over a another one’s populace, they should have some sort of soft power. I’m not making a value judgment. I’m not saying they have to do this. I’m not saying they should do this. But soft power goes,... Continue Reading →

Difficulties of the Korean Language

An-yong-ha-se-yo!!! That’s the impossibly hard way to say hi in Korean. I find the language incredibly difficult just to muster their sounds. Some languages have fairly easy phonemes for English-speakers to make. For the most part, on a very simple level, Japanese and Chinese, aside from a handful of sounds, have fairly familiar phonemes. (Chinese... Continue Reading →

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